If you have quite a few images that you would like to upload to a page/post on your site, the best way to display this content would be in a gallery. To add a gallery you need to:

  1. Login to your dashboard.
  2. Click “Envira Gallery” on the lefthand side menu
  3. Click “Add New” button
  4. Add appropriate title in “Add Title” box
  5. In the Native Envira Gallery tab – Drag and drop or click “Select files from your computer” to upload the images that you want to use
  6. When you’re finished uploading images, click the green “Publish” button
  7. Go to page / post that you want to edit
  8. Click the “Add Gallery” button Add Gallery - Envira
  9. Choose the gallery you just created from the new window that appear and click blue “insert” button
  10. Click update and refresh the post/page on the frontend to make sure the gallery appears as you want it to.