To add a competition within Fixtures & Results:

  1. Login to your site dashboard
  2. Click “Pages” > “Add New”
  3. Choose appropriate title for competition that will appear in the dropdown menu in the Fixtures & Results section
  4. Page Attributes – Choose a parent from the list of competition level pages under Fixtures & Results (i.e. Senior, Junior etc)
  5. Page Attributes – Choose Template “Fixtures and Results Page”
  6. Scroll down to Custom Fields section and choose “CompetitionID” from the dropdown menu.
  7. Add your 6 digit competition ID into the Value field to the right
  8. Click Publish to view the new competition on your site.


Please Note

  • If you cannot see the Custom Fields section at the bottom of your page editor, click “Screen Options” button on top right of page and make sure that Custom Fields tickbox is selected.
  • If you cannot find CompetitionID from the dropdown list in custom fields, click “Enter new” and input CompetitionID into the name field along with your 6 digit competition ID into the Value field to the right. Please note that this is case sensitive.