Welcome to the Club & County website. We’re excited to finally launch a home for our GAA WordPress Theme.

What is Club & County?

Club & County is a joint venture by Ulster GAA and Lairdesign. For many years now we have been working together to build a better website for Ulster GAA, in more recent years we’ve started offering this service to Counties and Clubs.

Fixtures and Results? Who updates them?

As Servasport is the official Fixtures and Results provider for the GAA, every County in Ireland should (most are!) already be using the system to administrate their competitions at Senior and Youth level.

In most cases your data is already there! Club & County is the means which will allow you to display fixtures and results for all your teams on your website. We also make it look good!

Why WordPress?

We use WordPress a base for our Website, because it is one of the most widely used (not to mention free) platforms for Website Content Management.

It gives you the power to update your own content so you don’t have to rely on others to update your site for you.

Who is the theme available to?

Ideally, we’d like to help out every County and Club in Ulster… if we succeed in doing this it means we can have the entire GAA community in Ulster connected online from Grassroots level to inter-county.

But… for the moment, we have quite a backlog of requests for the theme so if you are interested in getting this theme for your club please Register your interest and you will be notified once your request has been reviewed.

How much does it cost?

There has been thousands of hours spent on developing this system, we feel it is the best one available not only for functionality for visual design as well. We’re still trying to put a price on that!

There will be a setup fee for the Theme, then a yearly support cost for keeping things running smoothly. We’re also planning on establishing a support network of Admins throughout Ulster in our Community Section.