Main Menu

After much feedback related to the inability to edit the Main Navigation, we have lifted restrictions allowing you to add as many links to the main menu as you’d like.

The reason for the restrictions was to prevent the layout of the menu from going onto multiple lines and breaking the layout. However, in our newest update, we have figured out a way to flow these extra links into a “More” dropdown menu – allowing the menu to work at any screen size.


How to edit your existing Menu

We have created a new menu called “Main Navigation New” and added all of your existing links to it. To edit this menu, please follow the instructions in this tutorial:

Once you hit “Save Menu”, you’ll notice that the site will automatically overflow links that don’t fit onto the screen into the “More” dropdown.

Please Note

We have decided to set Home, News, Fix & Res, Resources and Contact as default items of the main menu, so these cannot be removed. We feel that these items are the most important for your users, and over the years the analytics have backed this up.