How to add competitions manually

If your Club/County does not use the GAA’s Games Management System (GMS – formerly Servasport) to store fixtures and results we have set up a way for you to manually insert these into your site. Here are instructions on how to do this:

  1. Login to the dashboard
  2. Go to Competitions on the left-hand side menu and click “Add New”.
  3. First thing make sure that you have 2 Comp Types:
    1. Fixture and
    2. Result
  4. Add a title to the item, this won’t be displayed on the frontend but will allow you to find the competition quicker in the future.
  5. Then change the Comp type (on the right) to either Fixture or Result
  6. Under the title Fixtures, click the Orange “Add” button to get started
  7. Fill out all the fields, adding TBC to any fields that don’t have confirmed information.
    1. Team 1 Name
    2. Team 1 Score
    3. Team 2 Score
    4. Team 2 Name
    5. Competition Name
    6. Venue Name
    7. Time
    8. Referee
    9. Comp Style – this will give the fixture its own specific colour on the front end.
    10. Fixture Date – this will appear as the title

Please see the screenshot below for clarity:How to add a Manual Competition

If you would like to switch a fixture to a result, just edit the item again and change the Comp Type.