Your Dashboard

This article provides some information on how to login to the dashboard of your website. Have a look at the quick links below to jump to a specific section.


TLDR – Too Long, Didn’t Read

This is the starting point of your website, and from here you can choose what section of your site you wants to edit/update.

What is the dashboard?

If you’re new to the Club & County platform you may not be sure what the dashboard is. A dashboard, in website administration, is typically the index page of the control panel – the place where users can create, manage and modify content on the website.  Essentially it is the section of the site that you can log into to edit or update content. It may also be referred to as “Admin panel”, “Control Panel”, “Backend”. From here you can edit most areas of your site, depending on your user Role.

How to Login to your Dashboard

To access the admin area of your website please:

  • Click on the login button that appears top right of your website
  • You will then be taken to a login screen.
  • Please enter your login details in the appropriate fields.
    • One of our support team would have emailed these details to you when you first set up your site
    • If you have not received login details, please email using the email you used to set up the site and someone will be in touch with login details.
    • If you’ve forgotten your password, please use the “forgotten password” link below the sign in section to reset your password.
  • Once logged in successfully you can now edit your website.
  • Please Note: Due to security plugins installed on the Club & County Network, you may be locked out of the dashboard if you enter the wrong details too many times or make failed attempts in quick succession. If this is the case, you have two options
    • You can wait 60 minutes for the system to automatically lift the lock or
    • You can email to ask for this to be manually lifted. Please include the following details in your email:
      • Your Name
      • Your Club URL (web address)
      • Your current IP Address (to find this out just google “What’s my IP address”