Android Help Guide

Posting a Message

  1. When you are logged in press the green + icon top right on your main messages screen
  2. Post your message as indicated. you also have the option to add a link. You must include the full url for the link e.g.
  3. You can then categorise your message in one of four areas. Event / General / Youth / Game
  4. Hit the blue send icon and your message is posted.

Editing / Deleting a Message

When you have posted a message it is very easy to edit or delete. On your main messages screen select the message you want to EDIT or DELETE. Press and hold on the message and select the option you need.

Selecting EDIT will bring you back to the posting a message screen and you can edit from here and repost.

Selecting DELETE will give you the option of deleting the complete message. Simply answer No or Yes to confirm deletion.

Posting a News Item

It is very easy to send a news item that you’ve posted on your website in the form of a message. On the news screen select the news item you want to share. Press and hold on the news item left and select SHARE.