How to edit Club Information

This article provides information on how to edit your site using the customiser section of your dashboard. Have a look at the links below to jump to a specific section.

  1. Login to your dashboard,
  2. Hover over “Appearance” on the left hand side menu,
  3. Click “Customise” on the menu that appears,
  4. Here you will see the different areas that can be updated (click each for more detail):

  5. Edit Site Title or Tagline as needed
  6. Click the orange “Publish” button at the top to save your changes.

Site Identity

1. Hero Logo
This will set the logo (white on coloured bg).

2. Site Title
Name of the Club (English)

3. Tagline
Name of the Club (Irish)

4. Club Crest – Policies
Logo used on white bgs eg Match centre, policies etc (optional).

5. Club Crest – Main sponsor
Ability to change logo in main sponsor block if it’s not right (optional).

6. Club Crest – Footer
Ability to change logo in footer if it’s not right (optional).

7. Site Icon
This will set the favicon on your browser tab.

Club Options

Choose National Body:
Sets the logos in the footer + adds the MPU/Leaderboard default advertising

Choose Province/County
Sets the logos in the footer + also has an effect on the Match Centre Fixtures (eg used for countyboardid).

Club Map
Adds google map to contact page

Enable Google Translate
Adds button to top header

Third Party Shop URL
Adds the shop button to main nav.

Design Options

Featured News Background Img:
Sets the image displayed behind the featured news scroller on homepage.

Single Download Page Settings
Lets users click through to a single download, rather than opening directly from the downloads page.

Rename Downloads Page
Lets you rename the downloads page on the menu, but still retains the url.

Fixtures Options

Fixtures Integration
Choose what version of the fixtures system you want to use – GAA Games Management System (GMS) or Manual

GMS Club ID (legacy)
Add your Club’s GMS Club ID here to display your specific fixtures.

Add an additional GMS Club ID here to display an amalgamated team you may have.

GMS Club IDs (New)
Allows you to add as many club IDs as you want. Our legacy option only allowed for a maximum of 2 club IDs to be displayed here.

Disable Feeds
Allows you to switch off the feeds you don’t want to display eg County feeds.

Enable Club/County Season
Allows you to switch between Club/County seasons. This option allows you to show only club matches in the match centre if set to Club Season, or to show County matches if your club has no fixtures to display. This option affects the Match centre and the Next match block in the top header.

Disable Fixtures & Results
Allows you to turn off the fixtures feature completely, for example, if you’re a club that uses a different fixtures system and don’t want to add your own.

Social Media Options

Allows you to add Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Vimeo links to the header/footer.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram then use these fields to add social feeds to your homepage. Instagram needs a little more set-up, including adding the Instagram handle here.  For more information, please see our tutorial: https://

Hide Social Feeds
Allows you to hide the feeds on the homepage.

Multiple Social Feeds?
Allows you to add multiple social feeds to your homepage in a tabbed section for example you could add seperate Ladies, Mens and Camogie social feeds.

If the “Multiple feeds?” option is clicked the page reloads to show other fields. You can add a maximum of 3 Facebook, 3 Twitter and 3 Instagram feeds on your site. Please note that this can add quite a bit of load to your site, so use with caution.

This also adds a dropdown menu to the header and footer containing all the added links.

1st, 2nd, 3rd URLS
Allows you to add Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Vimeo links to the header/footer. Optional, so whatever is left empty will not appear on the site.

1st, 2nd, 3rd Feed Title
These fields are used to add titles to the tabs.

GAA Policies

This section allows you to edit/add the following policies to your site:

  • Safeguarding Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults Policy Statement
  • GAA Child Safeguarding Statement
  • GAA Code of Behaviour
  • GAA Anti-Bullying Policy Statement
  • GAA Give Respect, Get Respect
  • GAA Social Media Policy

You’ll be able to add the following details for the editable PDFs and just add a link directly to for the others:

Policy Disclaimer
Added to all policy edit screens.

Preview PDF
Click here to preview the template before you add it to your site.

Use Template Toggle
On=shows in downloads section,
Off=hidden completely.

Specific Signatures/Dates
Once added here, the signatures will then appear in the correct place on the pdf, along with the club logo on the front end.

Signature Consent
Adds a checkbox to confirm if you’ve gained conscent to add the person’s signature (in lieu of them actually signing a hard copy).

Lotto Options

Lotto Integration
Choose between Klubfunder, Clubforce or Other.

Klubfunder Club ID
This only appears if you choose Klubfunder above. When you add the Club ID it will automatically show on the site.

Choose Currency
Choose between £ and euro. Probably need to add $ too.

# of lotto numbers to display
Lets you set how many numbers you use in your lotto and this is then set in the manual integration.

Play Lotto URL
Set the URL of the play buttons in Quicklinks and Lotto homepage block.

Update titles in Lotto Section
Not all clubs use the same terminology in their lottos so this interface just allows them to change the names on the tabs on the homepage:

  • Lotto Results Tab
  • No Jackpot Winner
  • Next Weeks Jackpot – Draw Details
  • Next Week
  • Draw Winners
  • Title in Menu

Sponsor Options

Main Sponsors
Adds specific fields to add up to 2 main sponsors including name, url and logo for both. Allows you to edit the description on that block too.

Our Partners
Allows you to set the number of logos to display on mobile, tablet, or desktop. If you have less than 3, it will duplicate the logo, so this needs to be set to look correct.

Footer Options

Email Address
Displays on the footer/contact page.

Telephone Number
Displays on the footer/contact page.

Club Address
Displays on the footer/contact page.

Mailchimp options

Allows you to embed a MailChimp form onto your site to collect email addresses to send newsletters.


You can add items to your various Menus here. For more information on how to edit this please see our tutorial:


Use this section to add your sponsor logo to the rotating sponsor carousel. For more information on how to do this, please see out tutorial: