News Article Updates

As the News section is one of the most used and looked at areas of your website, we’ve invested some more time in developing features which we feel will benefit your club members.

Have a look at some of the features we’ve created for you below:


Live Blog Format

You can now add multiple short posts for a specific event/match.

Choosing this option will automatically change your edit screen to include a box below the editor text area to add Updates.

To use this, just click the orange ‘Add Update’ button to add a title, image and text. The time will be automatically set to that specific time. All posts will be ordered by most recent to oldest on the post page.

If you choose this option, and select ‘Featured’ as the news category a pulsating Live tag will be added to the post in the featured news slider and your users will know that the post is currently happening.

GAA Guest Blog

We have added the ability to add news posts that relate to your Club or County from is filled with a wealth of information that some of your club members may not see, so why not add these items to your site too.

We’ve added a post tag “ Feature” that, once selected, will give you the ability to add a post that was created on and allow you to fill out the publish date, author name and original published link. Just paste the content into your post editor and fill our the new fields.

It also adds a GAA banner along the bottom of the single post and colours the post in a blue colour in the archive pages to distinguish it from your own news articles.

GAA banner along the bottom of the single post with a link back to the original article